Calling Unfolding

My local church Victory Pioneer is really good at equipping and empowering its people to do the ministries that God has called each of his followers to be a part of. Just last month, we got trained on The Power of United Prayer. Like a Swiss knife, prayer can look such a basic tool in a Christian’s life but it can really come in handy in unlikely situations. The basic of course is God’s love, and from that, we can extend the same love to other people by praying for them and even prophesying or speaking God’s Words to them. I remember really being in faith during the training that God would give me divine boldness to pray even for people whom I have never known. That boldness would really be useful as I meet people when I travel. Even more so that Í feel like being sent to places where people are in need.

Just this weekend we got trained on Spiritual Warfare. This topic has always got the least of me as I would always think that fighting spiritual warfare are for those who are hard core Christians… those who spend their whole day praying or casting out demons. But then my eyes were opened to the truth that God can use anyone to deliver people from the oppressions they are facing just by being motivated by the love of God. The stories, tips and videos shown all appealed to my heart that I’m convinced now that God can use me up to the point of facing demons and casting them out.

Probably for other members of the church, these trainings are the normal stuff that feeds their spiritual discipline. However for me, these events are like subplots that unfold and confirms the major plot in my life which is to say, my calling. I realize that traveling has greater purpose than just exploring but it can spread the love of God contagiously if only travellers are aware of the same love that Jesus shown on the cross.

May 16 would always be a remarkable day as once again, it has confirmed and made clearer the calling that God has planned out for me. It’s even crazy that I was woken in the middle of my sleep and though I tried to go back to sleep, I couldn’t help but cry out of the overwhelming things the Lord is doing in my life. A wretch that God wants to use. That’s me.


(Written May 16, 2015)


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