Last Day at Work

Something changes when you put the word LAST before a noun. It somehow makes that noun special, sometimes dramatic or emotional. Today I put the word LAST to my day at work. Knowing that this will be the last that I would commute to work, I chose to wake up early, not stressing. I enjoyed my shower to the sound of my daily morning worship songs. I walked slowly and enjoyably to the shuttle terminal where I get my ride to Makati. As usual, I read my 4 chapters a day (with 2 extras today) while on the ride. I bought my daily P10 worth taho for breakfast and consumed it while walking the streets of Makati to my office for the last time. I sensed the excitement of people that I come across for the coming weekend. I took my time crossing the streets. Everything is the last, and therefore I must enjoy it.

Today is also the LAST day I will work with my group. It has been a joyride with them. I appreciate them for being cooperative. Sometimes I am so nonchalant and too focused on getting things done but my team mates make it lighter by painting a smile or a laugh during difficult situation. They have been a real encouragement and good supporters. I love my team. I love my boss too. It was not always an easy ride with her but her always putting me to the limits I must admit has expanded my capacity. And for that I am so grateful to the Lord.

I appreciate a lot too my partners at work… Microsoft and the resellers, especially those people that I have come to have a personal relationship already outside of work. I know that I will see them again not just in social media 🙂

Lastly, my time in WSI has been really amazing. The career and character growth, all the travels that I would not be able to be thankful enough for. Because of this company I have been to most parts of the Philippines from north to south, for work or for leisure, and to Vietnam and Singapore. I could not say that the compensation is more than enough but the travel experience (which is more valuable to me) is.

So, despite all the good things I enjoy in this company, why am so foolish to leave? You may ask. Well I have always seen this company as a training ground for me. Do we not all graduate from training? Now I’m ready to face bigger challenges and pursue my passion to help humanity or touch lives, locally and internationally. I’m ready to leave this comfort zone and live out my God-given purpose. 🙂



Bye corporate world 🙂


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